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We are the only Bollywood Musical company in the US that has produced 3 Mega Productions since 2013. Our dream is to create Broadway style shows with large scale productions with impeccable quality


On July 9th  - Actor Auditions from 1-3pm  & Dancer Auditions from 3-4.30pm at the Purdance Studio, 1530 Oakland Rd Suite 135, San Jose, Ca. 95112 - Map


Please fill out the AUDITION FORM, before coming to the auditions.Although drop-ins will be accepted, advanced registration is highly recommended.

Our PAST productions

4 Videos that will give you quick snapshot into what we do!

Year: 2015

A visually stunning performance features drama, humor, and the best of Bollywood dance where live actors interact with animated LED screens.


Year: 2013

Bollywood musical adaptation of Disney's Blockbuster musical. Watch Aladdin rebord on the streets of Mumbai.


Year: 2014

Roarrr a fantasy fiction musical takes place in a far away Land Kavasa, a land that guarded a sword which unfolds a great power.

GENIE - Teaser

Year: 2012

Audition call for Actors and Dancers for Genie

From the Director

The world's most prolific dream factory is not located in Hollywood, as Americans might assume, but in the western Indian city of Bombay, or Mumbai, home to a sprawling production center known as "Bollywood". Musicals used to have a place in Hollywood, but nowadays the place to see movie musicals on a regular basis is in Bollywood. My hope is to create Bollywood musicals which is about the music and dance, artistically crafted into an enthralling story. Solskrit - focuses on producing extravagant high quality Bollywood Musical productions.

“Solskrit is the new venture from the experienced team of Aditya Patel Company who are very well known for producing 16 sold out Bollywood Musicals over the past 3 years”

What People are saying about Solskrit...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Founder & President - Genius Kids Inc 

“Roarrr can only be described as one simple line - Where excellence becomes a reality!

Rennu Dhillon (Hayward)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Producer - Indus Valley Films, LLC

“Roarrr is a fascinating Bollywood dance and musical play. It is a cinematic experience on live stage. A must see show produced by Aditya Patel and his team.

Parveen Maheshwari (San Mateo)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Yelp reviews about Roarrr!

“Aditya and his team continue to amaze and raise the bar every time. Saw Roarr last night and it was a true experience of the Solskrit brand. This style of Bollywood musical is a new form and the performances are superb! Look forward to more entertaining performances in the future.

Deepak S (Mountain view)

“My husband and I were planning on going to Makers Fair in San Mateo, Im the tech geek. I then saw the info on Roarr on goldstar. So, being Indian I was intrigued by a Bollywood "theater". My husband who is American loves the theater. In fact we are going to see The book of Mormon this week. Once i saw that Roarr was in english i decided to buy the tickets. In fact we made a mini vacation and stayed overnight in the area, we live in Napa. I was apprehensive. But we had such a good time. The dancing was phenomenal. Those kids danced their heart out in more than 10 or 15 high energy numbers. There was even a beautifully done salsa number. The story had some holes, but these were minor. I was worried my husband would get bored, but no, he really enjoyed the play too. I wish they could come up our way in the East Bay, since San Jose is pretty far from Napa.

Reena M (American Canyon)

“Rooarr is a multimedia musical production. Solskrit has taken 3D animations and combined them with story and high energy dances into a musical treat.The music, dances, energy level was all great. Must watch show for entire family!

Rohit A (San Jose)

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